Aaron Kai


Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii, Aaron Kai's artistic backgrounds can be traced to his early roots. As an avid follower of surf culture and anime, Aaron Kai found his niche while doodling what are the now iconic waves in between class. Fast forward 10 years, we now see Aaron Kai's artistry taking him all over the world. The international post-pop artist finds inspiration from nature and pulls influences from contemporary artists such as Kaws, Keith Haring, Parra, and Takashi Murakami just to name a few. The bold designs of Hawaiian post pop artist Aaron Kai are wildly popular around the world. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris and six countries in Asia feature Kai’s vivid designs, favored by uniquely diverse clients from musicians to retail stores.

In his most recent commission, Aaron Kai collaborated with Fickle Tea Lounge of Los Angeles for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. Everything from the design of the logo to the mural you see on the wall and outside was created by Aaron for Fickle. Be on the look out as the 27-year old is just getting started embarking on his artistic journey.
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